Sing for America Presents was first established in 2011 and incorporated as a 501c(3) in 2016. SFAP produces semi-professional Broadway-style musicals using actors of varied backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience, elevating each cast member to his highest potential. Powerful musicals, plays, original pieces, concerts, arts education and training are offered year round and made available to all people. SFAP provides universally Enjoyable entertainment at affordable pricing. Our initial and continued mission is to raise money for our local hero’s family serving in the Nations Military.

How do we reach the people? through our own organazational programs and by partnering with area leaders to bring amazing programs to their students and members.

Stages that have built the SFA Platform.

Our support has come from serving the community. we ask that to continue our mission you help support us. SFA has operated a large footprint with extremely limited financial backing and exclusively full-time volunteers. Our service and patronage greatly outperform our budget. To those COMMUNITY leaders who have given, we thank you, to those who have not....please consider joining our mission.