Two Blockbusters, One Summer! SFA 2019


In the Heights ↔ Summer 2018

Joseph+Tuck ↔ Summer 2019

When: ↓

Joseph – June 27th – 7:30pm, June 28th – 7:30pm, June 29th – 2pm and 7:30pm, June 30th – 2pm, July 1st – 11am, July 5th – 7:30pm, July 7th – 2pm.

Tuck: July 4th – 7:30pm, July 5th – 11am, July 6th – 2pm and 7:30pm

Where: Cedar Crest College

Why: To experience a show stopping extravaganza that not only IS good but DOES good. 


What Is Joseph? Let’s hear from the Composer himself!

“Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019, Joseph is one of the most enduring shows of all time and reimagines the biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, eleven brothers and the coat of many colors.”

About Joseph

“Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is one of the world’s most beloved family musicals. Released as a concept album in 1969, this multi-award-winning show has been performed hundreds of thousands of times including multiple runs in the West End and on Broadway, international tours and productions in over 80 countries!

The original Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice collaboration, the show continues to delight huge audiences annually, performed by amateur and schools groups and professionally in concert halls, arenas and theatres around the world.

Told entirely through song with the help of the Narrator, the show follows the story of Jacob’s favorite son Joseph and his eleven brothers.”

A Little History

“The first West End production opened in February 1973 at the Albery Theatre, with the Broadway production premiering at the Royale Theatre in New York in January 1982. Several major revivals in the West End and on Broadway, national tours and a 1999 film with Donny Osmond followed.”

“What would you do if you had all eternity? 

Read from Samuel French!

Eleven-year-old Winnie Foster yearns for a life of adventure beyond her white picket fence, but not until she becomes unexpectedly entwined with the Tuck Family does she get more than she could have imagined. When Winnie learns of the magic behind the Tuck’s unending youth, she must fight to protect their secret from those who would do anything for a chance at eternal life. As her adventure unfolds, Winnie faces an extraordinary choice: return to her life, or continue with the Tucks on their infinite journey.

 Based on best-selling children’s classic by Natalie Babbitt and adapted for the stage by Claudia Shear and Tim Federle, Tuck Everlasting features a soaring score from Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen.”


Production Team And FEatured Cast Members

Location: The Historic Cedar Crest College! 

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We have a brand new show coming to you today at Steelstacks in Bethlehem! Free concert to celebrate Memorial Day! Come show your support! 3-5pm

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