SFAP Has Made A Difference In The
Lives Of Those Involved

SFAP strives first and foremost to create a positive atmosphere in which to teach performers that they can achieve all that they dream. As a performer each person has the ability and the responsibility to change lives.





    “I was extremely impressed by your group...you are showstoppers, God bless.”
- Jared Watson

“...You made me feel welcomed and
you made me feel talented for once. ;o
so thank you SFA and everyone in it. I
love you all!” - Luis Peraza





“Andy is still singing, still dancing, still full
of pride from being on stage with you!” -
Erin Alulis



“What a Journey it has been! I met so
many great friends. The way we all
grew and worked together made this
an experience I would never have
traded for anything...” - Dale Parker




“I am personally thankful that my daughter has
positive, kind, generous and loving people like all
of you in her life that can guide her, show her
what it means to love and to give selflessly to help others...” - Susan Mculley







“I am so touched by how kind
and welcoming you were to
Sophia during this entire
process. She looked forward to
rehearsal everyday to be able to
spend more time with all of
you!” - Melissia Baker