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After playing several leads with SFA gained the experience necessary to land National Broadway Tour of “Pippin”

“My son, Max Albert Vivino, was lucky to begin his amazing Read More...

journey in theater, under the structure & talent of the Sing for America family! Their brilliant talent, amazing choreography skills, their support, guidance & pure knowledge of the truly a direct result of how Max moves confidently to achieve all of his goals & dreams! Bravo, Bravo to SFA!!” -Lisa Carroll Max’s mom
Tristan J. Shuler

Tristan J. Shuler

From local small town arts school to Off-Broadway star!

"Everytime I go work with Sing for America, it's just that Read More...

- working WITH them, not FOR them. It's always creating something fun, personal, and spiritually fulfilling, and SFA always knows how to challenge you and push your limits in an environment where there are no stakes and nothing to be afraid of."
Jade Howard

Jade Howard

Started in “The Wiz” SFA school program and went on to star in SFA mainstage production-

“Sing for America made me the person I am today. Read More...

...They’re the reason my voice has excelled, and they’re the reason why I’m still here today. I will follow this dream to be in performing arts when I go to college. SFA made me find purpose in my life and what I should live for.”
Ja’siah Jones

Ja’siah Jones

Starred in SFA’s “Big Fish” and has since been featured in 2 major motion pictures and is currently filimg a pilot TV show.

...'I love performing' "SFA has given Ja’siah

so many tools and skills that help him get these opportunities. We are so blessed to have them in our lives...”

“I was extremely impressed by your are showstoppers, God bless.”

Jared Watson

Sat On EEASD School Board

“I am personally thankful that my daughter has positive, kind, generous and loving people like all of you in her life that can guide her, show her what it means to love and to give selflessly to help others...”

Susan Mculley

SFA Mother

“I am so touched by how kind and welcoming you were to Sophia during this entire process. She looked forward to rehearsal everyday to be able to spend more time with all of you!”

Melissia Baker

SFA Mother

“...You made me feel welcomed and you made me feel talented for once. ;o so thank you SFA and everyone in it. I love you all!” -

Luis Peraza

SFA Performer

Tatyana Estrella