Our Primary benefactor. The Blue Star Mothers are a group comprised of mothers that have a son or daughter serving in the military. 

SFA 2014 Donation to the Blue Star Mothers after Tarzan Summer of 2014

They help SFA by locating the families who need help, whether it is rent, heating bills, food, gas, pipe burst repairs in winter etc.            SFA has also supported the Mercy Special Learning Center, The Allentown Center For Dyslexia, and scholarships for local students. 

$62,500 to Charity So Far!

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Sing for America began making small donations as a concert group in 2005. Since then we have grown but the benefactors have stayed the same. We thank our troops and every sacrifice they and their families make for all of us. ‘All gave some…some gave all’. There are sons without mothers to meet their girlfriend or dad’s to play catch with ….. daughters whose fathers will never walk them down the aisle and those who won’t have their mother hold their first born.  Our work can’t change that but if we can let them know their mom, dad, is a hero and we thank them…that is a mission we all can get behind. Sing For America made a choice all the way in 2005, that we were not going to publicize the families who receive our help. It’s become a necessary part of keeping our mission genuine and to make sure military families are never promotion for our group. If you would like to hear some of the personal stories please contact the ‘Blue Star Mothers of the Lehigh Valley’.

If inclined, you have an option to designate 100% of your donation go directly to a military family in need. Please visit the contact page to let SFA know or call directly 610-417-2189.



 Sing for America has a promise to make arts accessible to all who seek. No one is turned away due to cost SFA programming. By supporting SFA you may be unlocking the world for a student.

SFA can put to use many material donations. Sometimes generous people donate things like 

  • Period Clothing 
  • Shoes
  •  Lumber 
  • T-shirts/hoodies