Peter Pan 2017


When we set out on a path to produce this timeless classic we hoped it would be as magical as we had all envisioned. But what started as a twinkle in our eyes became a unforgettable trip to Neverland. The 1954 musical came to life on our stage, in a way that exceeded all of our expectations and left our audiences speechless as they revisited their own childhoods. We sprinkled them with fairy dust and they flew to the second star to the right and straight on til morning! 


and a little PIXIE DUST

We truly became family on this stage and brought the community together for this once in a lifetime Christmas spectacular event!

With One of our greatest Christmas show crowds we had over 1,200 in attendance

Thank You To Each Patron!

Thank YOu!

To every single business and person who helped THOUSANDS find Christmas in Neverland.

News Coverage

The SFA family was blessed to make a buzz and get great coverage from area outlets


Mauch Chunk Opera House

From 'Ticket' To 'Toast'

This show was truly a journey, from SFA’s very own GOLDEN TICKET from WB, to the New Years Champagne toast! Please enjoy it with us!

In order to pull off this enchanting musical we needed the most perfect location and having performed on most stages in the Lehigh Valley we knew we needed to look outside our own backyard.. 
 So we took a big leap of faith and left the Lehigh Valley to produce this timeless classic. We had no connections in Jim Thorpe, it was about 45 min away from our home and we alot to consider because our following was back in the Valley. But the people at Mauch Chunk Opera House were so wonderful to work with from the very beginning that we knew this was meant to be.

   Our challenges began as we attempted to make a timeless classic come to life in a new and exciting way while still capturing the story that everyone knows and loves.  !

We held auditions and cast an extremely talented group of kids, professionals and adults. Our cast consisted of individuals not just from Lehigh Valley but from Jim Thorpe, Lehighton, New Jersey, Tobyhanna, etc. 

Once we had our cast our next step was to start advertising and getting the word out there! We did everything from poster-hanging, T.V. spots, newspaper articles and shamelessly plugging the show at all of our Christmas concerts. We even spend a couple weekends in Jim Thorpe at the Jim Thorpe Inn singing outside and making ourselves known to the hundreds of people that walk through this beautiful little town every weekend.

      We had to trust that if we got the word out there the audience would come. And we had to trust that if we created a beautiful product with our amazing cast we could, by word of mouth, get the audiences to increase night by night. Musical theatre requires a huge amount of trust in the people you choose to work with on and off the stage and we knew were putting our faith and trust in the right people to make this show a success.

The response was phenomenal! Our audiences were full! Schools brought their students, almost the whole little town of Jim Thorpe was there to see the magic, some public cam back TWICE because of how musch they loved what we presented.

We felt so incredible so incredible as we realized that we pulled off one of our most successful productions to date. We overcame challenges that we had never faced before from being in a new area/space, attempting to work with new equipment including a movie theater style projector, working in a space that was designed for concerts, teaching 30 kids an a capella rhythm section with drum sticks and expecting them to perform it flawlessly, creating new types of costumes including full body mascot type animal suites, we even performed a show during a snow storm for a special audience even though half our cast was unable to make it through the storm. 

We did it!!!
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