Let us come to your school for one week and give your students an incredible theatrical experience. In the past few years SFA has sponsored countless school programs and next could be yours.



  1. To help everyone involved have a great theatrical experience while providing depth to curriculum objectives.
  1. Use the story to help students see how people can come together. Excite, inspire and reveal.
  1. Provide excellent training in each relevant aspect of the performing and fine arts. 
  1. Experience a deeper joy in learning, literature, music, artwork and more.
  1. Bring the school community together and present a positive good for the broader community.



The performing arts are a wonderful part of student development. Storytelling is crucial to how a child first understands the world around him, and as we grow older it shapes much of how we think. Powerful stories that we connect with, more importantly, that our children connect with, can be a staple of education. TAAC is a team of professional artists who work to reveal the power of storytelling to unlock potential and unite students. We will work with each student through training and expressing insight hard to match from any program. In one week your child and school will do what many would think impossible… perform an entire musical! We hope the entire school can be involved: artwork, lighting, sound, crew, costume creation, dancing, singing, and acting. Any interest of your child can be expressed and shaped through this experience. We look forward to meeting all of yo